Drug Testing at Your Location or Ours

DOT – Get set up with our lab and MRO service or use your own
Non-DOT – For employment or personal
Instant – 5 panel, 10 panel
Lab-based – 5 panel, 10 panel, 10 panel Opi/Oxy, ETG

Hair: Testing can be for employment or personal use. We are partnered with Omega Laboratories, Inc.

Breath Alcohol: DOT, non-DOT

Oral Swab: For DNA paternity testing

Oral Fluid

School/College Testing: We offer accounts using instant urine testing, lab-based urine testing, hair testing, or any combination of these to ensure a safe, healthy, and drug-free learning environment.

DNA Paternity/Relationship: Guaranteed accuracy for legal or non-legal matters.

Probation, Pre-Trial Diversion, and Court Testing: We provide same-day results on instant testing and communicate directly with the probation office to handle your results discretely and confidentially. Results can be faxed or e-mailed to the probation office that same day at no extra charge. We also work directly with attorneys and court systems for testing related to legal matters.

Drug-Free Workplace Programs: Most states, including Georgia and South Carolina, offer significant discounts on workers’ comp insurance for companies that are drug-free workplace certified.

DOT Physicals

To get pricing, schedule an appointment, set up an account, or obtain any other information contact Lane Kramer at 912-353-3322, 706-414-2188 (cell) or Lane@drugtestingsavannah.com